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Our team of around 40 employees works in the heart of Dresden. For over 60 years, everything we do has revolved around the topic of time and the design of human work in industry. With our know-how in the areas of software and solution-oriented consulting, we have been actively supporting our customers within time management for decades.

Your project is in good hands

MTM-Easy is a cloud-based tool that workers can use themselves. When it comes to interpreting the results, deriving concrete measures or even planning new workplaces, the MTM software house offers technical, organizational and personnel support.

Tom Weigt

Product Sales

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Andreas Bochmann

Project Manager

MTM benchmarking and measurement planning

Our software is always suitable when processes and labor standards are to be structured, recorded centrally and evaluated according to various aspects. With MTM-Easy, we also provide companies that do not want or are not able to run the expense of systematic time management with an adequate solution.


MTM-Easy: Dashboard

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Our dashboard is divided into the sections "Operating conditions" and "MTM benchmark time". Additionally, our support access is located in the right side area. In the support area you can also play our tutorials. If you have any questions about the product or would like personal advice and support for your working environment, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be glad to help you.

MTM-Easy: Manage workstations

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Based on five simple questions, you describe your existing workplaces. These are the basis for every product calculation. If you create a workplace in MTM-Easy for the first time, you use it to map your actual situation, for example. You can create an unlimited number of workstations or work environments.

MTM-Easy: Product-/ benchmark calculation

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Learn how easy it is to create a product costing based on your description of work steps. See the important connection between the selected workplace and the linked activities, which you can select using pictograms. The basis of our pictograms are standardized MTM-UAS® analyses - so you always have a benchmark to the industry. With each additional calculation, you have valuable and traceable time data to drive forward your digitization of assembly or manufacturing.

MTM-Easy: Manage products and assemblies

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Summarize your product/ benchmark calculations into single or multiple operations. Multiple operations form a summery for product variants.


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