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MTM-Easy is an intuitive tool that can also be used by the workers themselves. When it comes to interpreting the results, deriving concrete measures, taking employees and management along the path of improvement, or even planning new workplaces, the MTM-Softwarehaus offers professional, organizational and personnel support.


Within just 45 minutes together with our experts from the MTM-Softwarehaus, you will learn everything you need to know about the MTM-Easy application and it's benefits free of charge.

MTM-Easy online and on-demand

To get an idea of how MTM-Easy works, check it out yourself on our YouTube channel. Product, tutorials, interviews, clips - all videos, just a click away.

Workshops on site

Are you interested in a workshop with real examples from your operational practice? Preferably directly on site in your company? Then contact us and arrange an appointment.

Online service time management

Need more personnel capacity? Make the MTM-Softwarehaus your online back office!
Our experts provide you with concrete time data for:

a. the actual/current situation,
b. a new or redesigned workplace,
c. and/or Line Balancing.

Simply send us the number of components (bill of materials), the number of workstations to be considered and the specific task (a, b and/or c) using the form below. We will get back to you with a comprehensive offer.


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About us

The MTM-Softwarehaus is a business unit of Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH. We have been developing digital solutions for the application of the MTM process language in the design of work systems and business processes for almost 40 years.

Tom Weigt


 Webinars, Workshops,
MTM-Easy online back office

Andreas Bochmann

Project Management

MTM-Benchmarking and planning of measures

Franz Coriand

Director Digital Solutions

Integration of MTM software solutions

MTM software is suitable whenever processes and times are to be structured, centrally recorded and evaluated according to various aspects. With MTM-Easy, the MTM-Softwarehaus provides solutions for companies that need assistance to create systematic time management results.