Calculate assembly times easily with pictograms!

Mit der cloudbasierten Applikation MTM-Easy ermitteln Sie einfach Montagezeiten und entdecken zugleich Verbesserungspotenzial

Four steps to more productivity

In only four steps you will reach your goal: lower unit costs, better delivery capability, higher productivity! Use MTM-Easy to define your workplace environment in the ACTUAL state. Then start your product costing and store your work steps to be performed.

You will immediately receive a reliable MTM benchmark time. Compare this with your current time and get new possibilities to design and build your new workspace environment.

1. Login/ register with MTM-Easy

It's easy to get started: Register to create your personal account. Choose your desired access: 7 day free for testing, 30 or 365 days with the associated costs. Open the dashboard, watch the tutorials if needed and begin.

2. Define your workplace

In the application, you start by creating one or more workstations. You can easily describe the individual steps of the activity with the help of icons or use a parts list. Then just press the button and the software calculates the time needed for the activity.

3. Evaluate the ACTUAL situation, plan TARGET

Compare the times determined with MTM-Easy (ACTUAL situation) with the current overall consumption times or any other time data available in the company (estimated values, stopwatch, etc.). Evaluate the deviations and plan the TARGET situation including personnel requirements.

4. Derive and implement measures

Derive concrete measures for improving workplaces, processes and products from the TARGET-ACTUAL comparison. 
We support you as a partner with our know-how in industrial engineering during the implementation of the measures.

How to use MTM-Easy?

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