Time determination made easy

With the cloud-based software solution MTM-Easy, you can quickly and easily determine assembly times and discover potentials for improvement at the same time.

Your benefits with MTM-Easy

Flexible application mobile or desktop

No training or software installation required

Reliable time data as an objective decision-making aid

Immediately visible potential for improvement

Capture processes

Numbers, data and facts instead of “gut feeling”! MTM-Easy gives you an uncomplicated overview of the current performance within the production.

The result: No estimated values, no "We've always done it that way", but comprehensible, reliable data for production planning!

Evaluate potentials

Improvement potentials become immediately visible! Comparing the assembly times determined with MTM-Easy with the actual consumed time immediately shows where there is room for improvement. This is because MTM-Easy also considers environmental conditions such as work organization and workplace layout.

Implement measures

Get to the product, process, workplace! Reduce the current consumption time through suitable measures and use the assembly time determined with MTM-Easy as a target value. Step by step, you will achieve more efficient structures and sustainably as productivity increases in your company.

Developed by the experts in Time Management

High productivity, low unit costs, good delivery capability and precise workforce planning give manufacturing companies the edge in day-to-day competition. But where are the tools to increase productivity? The MTM (Methods-Time Measurement) time management method provides answers to this question. The recognized standard for the design of human work makes improvements measurable and thus plannable! For anyone who wants to know how long a work process should take, MTM-Easy is an uncomplicated introduction and perhaps the first step on the way to systematic time management.