The cloud-based software solution to increase the productivity.
Especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Increase your competitiveness
  • Make your business more productive
  • Identify potential for improvement
  • Create more transparency

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Time management as an online service.
MTM-Easy makes it possible!

Productivity gained with MTM-Easy:

„With MTM Easy we have directly saved 50 percent of production time.“

Joachim Ruopp, AVS Aggregatebau GmbH

„Estimate production times? That's enough of that! We make decisions based on facts and figures.“

Tobias Höhnlein, Bader Gruppe

„With MTM-Easy the German middle class becomes more productive and competitive.“

Joachim Ruopp, AVS Aggregatebau GmbH

What can MTM-Easy do?

The cloud-based software solution for the calculation
of MTM reference times in production.

Calculate production times
Determine and control personnel requirements
Calculate prices and offers
Optimize work organization
Increase productivity
More competitive with regard to low cost countries

How it works

Information / Service


The workshop makes the application and the benefit of MTM-Easy to increase productivity personally experienceable. You are welcome to bring along concrete examples from your operational practice.

Arrange your individual appointment now!

You want to learn more about MTM-Easy, the application and the benefits of the cloud solution - and that in only 45 minutes easy on your laptop or PC? With a few clicks you are sitting in our online seminar room!

The following dates - 9 am to 10 am in each case - are available:


Do you need support in time management? Make MTM your online back office!

Our experts deliver with MTM-Easy reliable time data

a. for the actual situation,
b. for a workplace to be redesigned
c. and/or a timing.

Contact us directly at Tel. +49 351 26 999 666 or send us your contact details, the number of components and workstations and the task (a, b and/or c). We will get back to you immediately with an all-inclusive price.

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What's in it for you?

Working at the best level

With MTM-EasyTime, even small and medium-sized companies can use the worldwide accepted (time) standard MTM to improve productivity. Thus you work at the level of the world's best companies. And this without investments in training and software installation.

What do you have ahead of others?

The software tool takes the quality of the work organization into account when determining the time. This means that improvements in work organization are directly effective in the result.

Your advantages:

  • Mobile calculation – on the shop floor or via a bill of materials on your desktop
  • Cloud-based IT solution, no software installation on your premises required
  • Consistent data and process transparency
  • Data reusable at any time
  • Helps you decide on the improvement of your organizational structure
  • Immediate presentation of potentials and implementation support*

  • *by telephone or on site (subject to charge)

What is the MTM reference time?

The MTM reference time is the time in which the work system can fulfill a task - depending on the framework conditions in the company.

SMB Award Innovator 2020

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